2002 National Specialty Parade of Titleholders

Terror's Magic Charm von Joy: TITLES:Companion Dog, Canadian Companion Dog, Temperament Tested, Herding Instinct Certified, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International (OFA) B: Nancy H. Swanner Sire: WGSDCII CH Chris's Silver von Snowcloud, CD Dam: Terror's Ro-Lo Pride Penny, TC, CGC, TDI O: Joyce Ann Matejcek & Nancy H. Swanner. "Charm" is a very energetic and loving German Shepherd and accepts every challenge on the first try, including the U.S. and Canadian C.D.'s in the first three shows. Her constant challenge: her handler walks unsteadily and is supported by a cane causing constant adjustments. Charm gives 100% whatever asked and steals the show with everyone she meets. Charm does her weekly job with the training classes. She keeps the dogs in control and Joyce Ann Instructs the handlers.

WGSDCII/WGSDF CH O'Leavy's Frieda of Tumbledown: TITLES: A.K.C. Companion Dog, Canadian Companion Dog, WGSDCII Championship, WGSDF Championship, Canine Good Citizen, Herding Instinct Certified (OFA) B: Leslie Krupnikoff Sire: WGSDCII/WSCC CH Aslan Spirit of Tumbledown Dam: Tumbledown's Jasmine O: Pat Malinowski. Our Frieda isn't outgoing like her son, McCoy, but she has courage and will protect her family. She has done whatever was asked of her and has titles to prove it. Of all the dogs we have had, Frieda is the most loving and loyal. She has given us three litters of puppies, which Don and I consider a special gift. The remainder of her life will be filled with gifts from us.

JoKay's Porcelain China Doll ("Lily"): TITLES: Companion Dog, Canine Good Citizen B: Kathy Partch Sire: WGSDCII CH O'Leavy Czar, CD Dam: U-CD JoKay's Sedona, CD, CGC O: Joe & Kathy Partch. Lily finished her AKC CD in 4 consecutive trials with good scores, also passing her CGC test with flying colors. Lily has been shown in breed since a small pup, campaigned for a number of years and accumulating within that time a 5 point and a 3 point major, including all shows, for a total toward her championship. Then we slowed down in the breed ring, along with making a big move from Minnesota to Arizona. Our show career was put on hold. Sad to say, and so close, she was never finished. She is still a champion in her owners' hearts. August 31st, Lily will reach the ripe old age of 10. Even at this age, she is still proving her German Shepherd talents. One year ago we started agility and she has kept up with the youngest of them. With her zealous energy and spirit in this sport, she continues to make me extremely proud. We're almost ready for agility competition...but in the same breath, this will be in the senior events. With all of our ups and downs in life, Lily has truly stayed by my side as one of the truest friends of all.

JoKay's Czardona Weiss Lobo: TITLES: Companion Dog, UKC-Companion Dog, Canine Good Citizen B: Kathy Partch Sire: WGSDCII CH O'Leavy Czar, CD Dam: U-CD JoKay's Sedona, CD, CGC O: Joe Partch. Mr. Lobo, now the age of 11, has truly been one of a kind. No other dog has made his owner as happy and as proud of the German Shepherd breed. Starting Lobo's obedience training at 6 months of age was always the best dog in his training class. Only having eyes for his owner, he continued to always make me proud. Also, at a very young age, he passed his CGC test in a breeze. Lobo's obedience trial scores averaged in the 190's. He earned his UKC-CD and AKC-CD titles in consecutive trials, with bumper legs. In 1993, Lobo became that year's "Princess Memorial Award" recipient presented by Joyce Ann Matejcek. Lobo's true love of life is to work and please his owner. He has won the hearts of many judges with his happy-go-lucky exuberant personality. (NOTE: Lobo was the recipient of the Penny Award for the oldest white GSD shown at the 2002 National Show.)

WGSDCII CH Moonshadow's Peterbuilt: TITLES: WGSDCII Championship, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International, Temperament Tested (OFA). B: Licia Babb Sire: Can CH Hylowe's Once In a Lyfetyme Dam: WGSDCII CH Moonshadow's Sunset Seranade, CGC O: Rose Ingram. Petey is a great dog who loves to please. He'll do anything for "Mom." He earned his WGSDCII championship easily at 2 years 1 week, finishing with 5 majors, 4 Best of Breeds and 3 Best Opposite Sex. In 2001, he was number one on the WGSDCII Top Ten with 133 points. He earned his CGC and TDI in 1991, and uses his TDI to visit nursing homes where he is loved. He got a great score when he was temperament tested -- his biggest shortfall there being that he looked blankly at the "dangerous stranger" as if to say, "You've got to be kidding." However, he is no pushover when confronted with a stranger who is suspect. He is appropriately protective and loyal, displaying good German Shepherd character. He has passed great temperaments on to his progeny. Petey is a wonderful friend who is always in a good mood. His owners affectionately call him "Sweety Petey."

WGSDCII CH Moonshadow's Garden of Eden: TITLES: WGSDCII Championship, Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Tested (OFA). B: Licia Babb Sire: WGSDCII CH Vantasia Xpect the Unxpected, CGC, TT Dam: WGSDCII CH Moonshadow's Sunset Seranade, CGC O: Tom & Kathy Worley. This is Edie's fourth National to attend and her second Parade of Title Holders. She has taken the last year off from showing to pursue an endeavor in motherhood. Edie always gives her best and motherhood was no exception. An easy breeder and whelper, she produced 11 healthy puppies, nursing and caring for them all. What more could mom and dad say except, "That's our girl." Edie, we love you with all our hearts.

MM Holland's Heidi: TITLES: Companion Dog Excellent. B: Ernie & Susan Brownlee Sire: Star Guard Dam: Star Foxx O: Susan Holland. Heidi's owner never intended to show her. She was a shy dog that needed some socializing, so it was off to obedience school. Once Heidi started to learn her obedience exercises, it was noted that she had a lot of potential. She proved that this was her niche as she really enjoyed working and was a very quick learner. She earned her CD in 3 straight trials, all with scores in the high 190's. Soon thereafter, she went on to earn her CDX, again with great scores mostly in the 190's. Now Heidi is working in Utility with super enthusiasm. Will we be seeing a UD in the very near future? Her owner says she is now a confident and happy girl who looks forward to competing.

WGSDCII/ARBA/WGSDF CH Tumbledown's Artic Pharoah: TITLES: WGSDCII Championship, ARBA Championship, WGSDF Championship, Canine Good Citizen (OFA). Pharoah was my first white GSD that started it all. He has gone on to be one of my most successful whites. This year we will focus with Pharaoh in the UKC. Pharaoh has been producing beautiful puppies that will continue his legacy.

Royal Kiss of Cleopatra: TITLES: Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International. Cleo is our most active dog and Mike's best friend. She has done very well in the conformation ring, but her real love is the agility course. We plan to compete with her shortly and we know she will be a star. Cleo got her TDI this weekend and will share her love at nursing homes and hospitals throughout the Twin Cities.

UKC-CH Peannete RoAnn's Outlaw: TITLES: UKC Champion, Canine Good Citizen B: Not listed Sire: Frosty's Samson Dam: WGSDF/DFUSA CH Manhattan's Calamity Jane O: Kathy Worley. Buck earned his CGC at 6 months of age. He has such a pleasant personality, always wanting to please. At our first UKC event, we were surprised. A small girl ran into the ring and gave Buck a hug while we were standing for the exam. The judge and I just looked at each other in shock, but Buck just wagged his tail like it happens every day! Buck finished his UKC championship last October. Now he spends his days living the life of leisure being our daughter and granddaughter's faithful companion and playmate. Needless to say, they don't spoil him at all - - Not their "KING" Buck.

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