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In 1984, I felt it was time to honor a few of our top White German Shepherd Dogs for some of the things that they have done for the betterment of our club and breed. Then when Club President Joyce Ann Matejecek appointed me head of the committee and all agreed, I put up three nominations to receive this honor. I was asked, "Why these dogs?" I will respond now by saying, "Why Not, These Dogs?"

Since my appointment to this duty, I haven't received any information about any dogs, even the nominees. So, I went through several of the "Dins" and composed what I feel are the best reasons that these three should be the first ones entered into our Hall of Fame. Their accomplishments are something we should remember. I am speaking of Princess Pat Of Castle Green, UD, CanCDX and of V. Sherry's Magnificent Mongo and of V. Scofield's Rex von Finn, CD, CanCD.

It was suggested that we nominate other dogs, such as dogs in the movies, armed forces, police work, dogs that have been involved with rescue work, etc. Each Chapter that puts on the national each year is supposed to look for outstanding German Shepherds (whether they be white or not) in rescue, guard, police, military, etc. I also agree that dogs, other than winners in conformation and obedience, should definitely be considered in the future. Since this is our Hall of Fame, we should look for things outstanding in the white German Shepherds that we can call our own, so to speak!

I feel these three nominees have proven they have earned the right to be the first ones in our Hall of Fame.

The reasons I chose these three are because each one of them has their own individual qualities and are outstanding in their own individual way. Each one of them has something that everyone is striving for, whether it be beauty, size, stamina, grace, movement, intelligence, good temperament, bone structure, pigment dark, white coat, or O.F.A. Certified hips. I'm not saying any one of them has all these qualities, but each one of them has at least six of these qualifies, so I hope you will join me in welcoming them to our Hall of Fame.

1985 Hall Of Fame Chairman: Roger Kirchway

Princess Pat Of Castle Green, UD, CanCDX

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V. Sherry's Magnificent Mongo

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V. Scofield's Rex von Finn, CD, CanCD

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This year, 1986, we have chosen two (2) dogs to be entered into our Hall of Fame. The reason there are two this year is because we had a tie when we, the committee, voted on all the prospective dogs that were sent in. There were ten (10) nominees this year, and what a list they were! We are very proud of all the nominees this year.


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Kentucky White Shayma, UD, TT

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Harvey Bindlestiff Offner (White Shadow)

(1995) Can.O.T.Ch. WGSDCII CH. Sunlit's
White Spirit, CDX, HC (OFA)

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(1997) Ve-Lin's Kaiser the Role

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(1998) Shaftoe's Tasha, ScH III, AD, WH

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BISS WGSDCII CH. Xpect the Best Uv Vantasia, HIC, OFA

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Jean & her hero, Carson

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