Hall of Fame - Princess Pat Of Castle Green, UD, CanCDX

November 25, 1970 - December 21, 1983
Owner: Joyce Ann Matejcek

We of the White German Shepherd Dog Club want to thank Princess for being an ever faithful presence at each National Match and attending many local Chapter matches, not to mention her many, many 1st place wins and placements at different breed clubs, including a lot of German Shepherd Specialties and A.K.C. All Breed Shows.

Even though some of the people with standard shepherds tried to put down our whites, they could not ignore the beauty, intelligence and grace that was Princess, who traveled around the country and Canada with her faithful companion, Joyce Ann Matejcek, who was her trainer and handler too!

Princess' wins and placements are too numerous to list them all, but here are a few highlights of her extraordinary career:

1973 - Earned her CD in 3 shows
1974 - Earned her CDX in 3 shows
1977 - Earned her UD in 7 shows & her Canadian CD & CDX in 3 shows
Detroit Winsor Dog Obedience
Gaines Classic
1981 - Veteran Dog score 198
1982 - Veteran Dog score 195
German Shepherd Dog Club - High Scoring German Shepherd
World Series Average 194
At Licensed Shows she has had 133 placings, 53 First Place, 241 trophy awards, 16 High Scoring Dog in Trial

Princess has always been a very outstanding white German Shepherd with her intelligence, charm, grace, and beauty. Joyce Ann has said that Princess wasn't that beautiful in the structural sense of the word and her ears had to undergo surgery so they didn't stand straight up. This may be true to some, but to me, it has always been a great pleasure to watch her in the ring and to visit her outside the ring, and to me Princess was always a lady and yes beautiful. Thank you, Princess. We will always remember you in the Hall of Fame.

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