Hall of Fame - V. Sherry's Magnificent Mongo

Born September 27, 1975
Owner: Lila Sherry Kirchway

In 1980, when the White German Dog Club constructed and updated our present point system to honor our top winners within the club, there were 3 of our white German Shepherds named to already be V-rated, Mongo was one of these first 3, along with his Grand Sire. Mongo is O.F.A. certified good, and has collected numerous ribbons and trophies since he was 6 months old. Since some of you may think I might be prejudiced in my selection of him, I will give you the highlights of his show career and confine my comments, and quotes what (just a few Judges have said about him.

1977 - Best of Breed - National Show - Fort Worth (A.K.C. G.S. Judge)
1979 - Best of Breed - National Show - Oklahoma
1980 - Best of Breed - National Show - Minnesota
1981 - Best of Breed - National Show - Texas Metro in Arlington, TX

With the above wins Mongo has won 2 Best Puppies, 1 Best Opposite Sex (his daughter Marsha took B.O.B. over him), 36 Best of Breeds and has he has never been under the same judge twice. Since he was 11 months old he has only been beaten for Best of Breed twice. He has also sired many litters, and there are quite a few of his progeny that are pointed, including V. Sherry's Master Charge who took Best of Winners at the 1979 National and the 1981 National plus many other wins. He has also produced St. Lagos, White Cham Peon Jim, CDX, who has also been a consistent winner in conformation. Some of the judges' opinions of Mongo are:

1977 National, A.K.C. German Shepherd and all-breed Judge Frank Grover: "His graceful movement in the ring was extraordinary, with his head held high and making his presence known, I moved him with all the other winners, he was truly the Best In Show this day."

1979 National, Judge Buck Jacobs: "He has this presence in the ring, he is a beautiful dog, moves better than the others, good reach, good structure and he was handled and presented very well, but he gives you the feeling he could handle himself! Makes you look at him, very masculine.

1980 National, Jerry Weller: "A very stallion type dog, excellent expression. Correct coming and going with adequate reach. Carries himself well and proud. He is a hard dog to fault. Showy type dog that lets you know of his quality."

1981 National, Nancy Huggins (was breeder of standard shepherds, a couple of other working breeds and some sporting breeds): "He is absolutely superb. Masculine, beautiful, I couldn't keep my eyes off him once he entered the ring. His movement is excellent, graceful, fluid. His attitude in the ring is so forceful - a quality very seldom seen in the breed ring - I call it Majestic! (Miss Huggins also has handled several different breeds)."

Sherry decided to put Mongo into retirement after he won his 4th National Best of Breed.

The main reason he should be chosen to be put in our Hall of Fame is that no other dog has ever equaled his Best of Breed wins, let alone him being the only one of our white German Shepherd Dogs to even win 4 National Specialties. This is a record in itself!

Now, a personal note. Mongo has always stood out in a crowd with grace, beauty, charm, and temperament, we can only hope his good qualities will be passed on to upcoming generation. Thank you, Mongo, we will always remember you, in our Hall of Fame! (submitted by Roger Kirchway)

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