Hall of Fame - BISS WGSDCII CH. Xpect the Best Uv Vantasia, HIC, OFA

Sire: Magnum Force of K-way
Dam: K-way's Sweet Roseanne
Breeder: Sherry Kirchway
Owner: Barbara Hively
February 22, 1992 - March 10, 2003

Bianca has been a wonderful ambassador to the white-coated GSD. Although she has no obedience degrees, she is a perfect example of what a truly mentally sound GSD should be. She was one of the original dogs of a pilot program in Maryland where dogs visit the troubled children at a special school. These children have been mentally and/or physically abused or have been in trouble with the law. Many of the children have no relatives coming to visit them, so the once-a-month dog visits were extra special to these children.

The fondest memory I have of her visits is the one time we went to the school and one of the teenagers was afraid of dogs. Her uncle had let his pitbulls attack her; therefore, she feared all dogs. Well, those who know Bianca best, know she will never pass up an opportunity to socialize. She jumped on the couch with this teenager. The girl let out an awful scream, which then caused Bianca to start licking her in the face. After that incident, Bianca was the ONLY dog the girl would socialize with. She would brush Bianca at our visits and learned to hand feed her treats.

Bianca is the first white-coated GSD to win WGSDCII National Best Puppy, WGCSDII National Best in Futurity and TWO WGSDCII National Best of Breeds. Her second National Best of Breed came at seven-and-a-half years of age, from the Veterans Class. She became only the second bitch to win two National Best of Breeds.

Bianca is the dam of the first bitch in history to win two National Best of Breeds, WGSDCII CH. Vantasia's Lucia China, OFA. She is the dam of the 1996 Best in Futurity Winner (China), the 1998 Best in Futurity winner (WGSDCII CH. Vantasia's Durango Ravenwood, SchH B, OFA), and the 1999 Best in Futurity Winner (Vantasia's Spectacular Lyra).

Bianca has produced seven litters sired by five different males, with all but one breeding being an outcross breeding. Bianca has consistently improved the fronts on our whites, thus improving the movement seen in the ring today. No other white in history has done as much as Bianca when it comes to bettering the quality of our dogs. There have been many dogs and bitches in the past that have improved the conformation of our dogs, only to worsen our dogs in other areas, such as temperament and health. Bianca has been able to give us the complete package.

Of her offspring to be x-rayed, all have received either an OFA-Good or an OFA-Fair on their hip ratings and all but one has received an OFA certificate on their elbows. This is an outstanding record considering the number of white-coated GSDs that have been rated and/or have been euthanized for dysplastic hips and/or elbows over Bianca's lifetime.

Her offspring are continuing in her footsteps when it comes to producing better quality. The show quality pups sired by her son, "WGSDCII CH. Xpect the Unxpected, CGC, TT, OFA ("BooBoo") in his first litter have started their show careers with an impressive start. A bitch from his first litter (Moonshadow's Garden of Eden) is WGSDCII pointed. A male (Moonshadow's Deja Blue) has a Reserve win. WGSDCII CH. Vantasia's Lucia China has a WGSDCII CH. pointed daughter ("Miracle") owned by Lucille Ziccardi.

Bianca has almost earned her WGSDCII RX title. This should be finished in June, 2000, when Vantasia's Xtreme Xpectation ("Pookie") takes to the show ring. Pookie is a full sister to BooBoo and China, born four years later. Many dogs and bitches have earned the WGSDCII RX title; Bianca is one of the few that will earn the title without producing many health concerns for the white-coated GSD along the way. This is one of the reasons she is such an asset to our whites.

Bianca is structurally better than almost all whites and has produced the improvement seen in the whites of today versus the whites of yesterday. This improvement can be compared to what Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo did for the German Shepherd, but without the health problems Lance is believed to have introduced.

It's hard to imagine life at our house without her. That day will be very sad as we will have lost one of our best family members. Bianca's love for small children has kept our neighbors amused. If there is a baby crying in a stroller, you can count on Bianca to try to solve the problem. More than once she has tried to get into a stroller with a crying baby. The only neighbors that probably don't love Bianca are the cat owners. Bianca has always hated cats and can be seen regularly chasing one across our lawn. She is good with other dogs of either sex.

Bianca turned eight years old on February 22, 2000. She has no health concerns at this time and has been very healthy since her arrival in our home in April, 1992. The only regret I have is having to spay her in the fall of 1999. This took away Bianca's chance to have earned a United Kennel Club (UKC) Championship title while competing head-to-head with the colored German Shepherds. (Barbara Hively)

Update: Bianca went to Rainbow Bridge on March 10, 2003, at the age of 11 years, 16 days.

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