Hall of Fame - "PRINCE"

Whelped March 25, 1971
Sheba Belle x Sunny White Cloud
Breeder: Joanne Chanyi

Maybe we should list him as "SERGEANT PRINCE" and his owner/companion as Sergeant Rick Fackrell since they BOTH received their Sgt. stripes on the same day! According to Sgt. Fackrell, Prince made 100 arrests since starting on the streets in 1972. Prince is the only white German Shepherd to be employed by the Canadian forces, but became somewhat famous for a number of cases where he chased suspects that had eluded the policemen.

On three separate occasions, in 1980, for example, Prince captured or cornered burglars, thieves or would-be robbers. He has also pursued hit-and-run drivers and recovered lost engagement rings. He was still on the job at 10 years old, long after his original classmates had retired, making him an active duty dog longer than any other dog on London's Canine Unit.

After many years of police work and being a loving companion to his life long partner, Rick Fackrell, Prince died in January 1983, leaving behind a trail of arrests and many happy memories for the London Ontario Canine Police Force and for his companion, and for all German Shepherd Dog lovers, especially for the white German Shepherd Dog lovers!

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