WGSDCII™ National Show Weekend
Phoenix, Arizona
June 20-22, 2003
Show Photographer: Nancy H. Swanner

National Winners

WGSDCII CH Moonshadow's Peterbuilt, CGC, TDI, TT
Stud Dog

Royal Heaven's Only Sugar
Brood Bitch

Infinity's Sitara
Infinity's Bella Reyna
Royal Heaven's Only Sugar
Peannete Roann's Outlaw


Royal Heaven's Only Sugar
Infinity's Bella Reyna


Jokay's Porcelain China Doll & Jokay's Czardona Weiss Lobo
Penny Award & Silver Award Winners
for the oldest dogs shown

Katherine & Shadia
"The Party's Over"


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Rose Ingram & Kathy Worley explore the Arizona desert

Kathy Worley, Joyce Ann Matejcek, Tom Worley, Tara Elrod and Rose Ingram enjoy the view of the Valley of the Sun from South Mountain Park.

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