2003 National Specialty Parade of Titleholders

Casey – owned by Melissa Schliefer. Titles: An Extraordinary Dog. Casey was rescued from the Animal Protection League in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 7, 1998, at the age of 3 months. She was an abused puppy and still has a problem with children, but she is working on that. She moved to Arizona 2 years ago and has attended obedience classes, winning awards for being “Top of the Class” for attendance and behavior. Casey loves car rides, pizza, the park, ice cream, her Aunts Tammy and Traci and Melissa’s mom and dad. Casey also loves to sit with mom, Melissa, and watch the Air Force planes come in for landing. We hope to experience more dog shows like this one and make new friends. Casey might not have AKC papers or ribbons, but she is TOP DOG in our home.

Terror’s Wonderland Mikaela – Sire: WGSDCII CH Chris’s Silver von Snowcloud, CD (OFA) Dam: Terror’s Ro-Lo Pride Penny, TC, TDI, CGC. Owner: Nancy H. Swanner. Titles: Therapy Dog International, Canine Good Citizen, Herding Certified and (hopefully) Altered Pet Champion, OFA certified. Here she is, following in her mother, Penny’s footsteps – still competing and going strong at almost 11 years of age. Miki earned her Herding Instinct Certificate at the 1995 GSDCA specialty in California. After an emergency spay several years ago, Miki set out to be the best pet anyone could ask for. With the introduction of the Altered Pet Classes, Miki found an area where she could compete in the show ring. She is here trying to complete her WGSDCII Altered Pet Championship -- and with one successful win here this weekend, she will do just that and be (or may already be at this reading) our Club’s first Altered Pet Champion.

Moonshadow’s Deja Blue Genesis – Sire: WGSDCII CH Xpect the Unxpected, CGC, TT (OFA) Dam: WGSDCII CH Moonshadow Sunset Seranade (OFA). Owners: Rose Ingram and Licia Babb. Titles: WGSDCII Champion, OFA certified. Blue, as he is affectionately called because he wore a blue collar as a pup, strutted his stuff at the 2002 National and was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and #1 Select Dog. He finished his championship at the national. Although Blue is co-owned by Rose Ingram and Licia Babb, he has given his heart to Alan Ingram.

Moonshadow’s Peterbuilt - Sire: Can. CH Hylowe’s Once in a Lyfetyme (OFA-H&E) Dam: WGSDCII CH Moonshadow’s Sunset Seranade (OFA). Owner: Rose Ingram. Titles: WGSDCII Champion, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International, Temperament Tested, OFA certified. Petey is a big dog who is just a love. He is very smart and easy to work with, but his favorite activity is being Rose’s bud. He has a remarkable temperament that is easy-going and friendly, but he is appropriately protective when he needs to be. His temperament is a good example of what a GSD should be.

Terror’s Magic Charm von Joy - Sire: WGSDCII CH Chris’s Silver von Snowcloud, CD (OFA) Dam: Terror’s Ro-Lo Pride Penny, TC, TDI, CGC. Owners: Joyce Ann Matejcek & Nancy H. Swanner. Titles: American & Canadian CD, TT, TDI, HC, CGC, OFA certified. Hi, I’m Charm from Minnesota and pretty much a senior canine. I thought when Mom retired we would stop working, but she goes on and on and on. I still control the obedience classes on Sunday nights – have had a few juveniles that need to be told and reminded we don’t do those things in class! I’m proud of all the things I’ve earned and now wear a coat to show many of those achievements. Come on, handlers! Won’t you and your four-footed companions join me?

JoKay’s Czardona Weiss Lobo - Sire: WGSDCII CH Regalwise O’Leavy Czar, CD (OFA) Dam: U-CD JoKay’s Sedona, CD, CGC (OFA). Owners: Joe Partch. Titles: U-CD, AKC-CD, CGC. “Mr. Lobo,” people call him. Now the age of 12 – continually showing his endless love, humor and intelligence of a faithful German Shepherd Dog. Lobo started his obedience training at 6 months of age and always being at the top of his class. Also earning his “Canine Good Citizen” test in flying colors. All of Lobo’s obedience trial scores averaged in the 190’s, earning his UKC-CD and AKC-CD titles in consecutive trials. Also, in 1993, Lobo became that year’s “Princess Memorial Award” recipient presented by Joyce Ann Matejcek. Lobo’s true love of life is to work and please me. He has won the hearts of many judges with his happy-go-lucky, exuberant personality. He truly is my “Once In A Lifetime” K-9 companion. . . I LOVE YOU LOBO!

Jo-Kay’s Porcelain China Doll - Sire: WGSDCII CH Regalwise O’Leavy Czar, CD (OFA) Dam: U-CD JoKay’s Sedona, CD, CGC (OFA). Owners: Joe & Kathy Partch. Titles: AKC-CD, CGC. Miss Lily finished her AKC-CD in 4 consecutive trials with good scores, also passing her Canine Good Citizen Test win a breeze. Lily has been showing in breed since a small pup. I campaigned her for a number of years, accumulating within that time a 5 point & 3 point major, including all shows, a total of 12 points towards her WGSDCII championship. Sad to say, we never finished that championship. . . but she is still a champion in my heart. With all of our ups and downs in life, Lily has truly stayed by my side as one of the truest friends of all. I love you girl friend!!!.

Vantasia’s Lady Anja – Sire: Frosty’s Samson (OFA) Dam: BISS WGSDCII CH Xpect the Best Uv Vantasia, HIC (OFA). O: Dianne Petrone. Titles: CGC, OFA certified. Anja is extremely agile and loves to run and play. She most enjoys jumping on and off of the dog house roof! She is very loyal and feels that it is her job to protect the house and family. Although she does not often get the chance, she loves being in the show ring. At the 2000 Nationals she was Best in Futurity and this March she got to experience motherhood. She is a super mom and proud of her puppies. Anja is a wonderful companion and is always there for her owner.

Peannete Roann's Outlaw - Sire: Frosty's Samson (OFA H/E) Dam: WGSDCA/DFUSA CH Manhatten's Calamity Jane (OFA H/E) Owner: Kathy Worley. Titles: UKC GSD CH, CGC. Buck has OFA good hips and normal elbows. He earned his CGC at six month old and his UKC championship in just two weekends of showing at the age of eighteen months. Although he is a long coat, he has beautiful structure and a wonderful temperament. He is very sensitive and loving and takes wonderful care of his best friend, my granddaughter.

Vantasia’s Merlin Lancelot – Sire: UKC CH Royal Sir Isaac’s IQ, CD Dam: UKC CH Vantasia’s Lucia China O: Linda and Lance Lessler. Titles: UKC Championship. After owning one white German Shepherd as a pet, we decided to try our hand in showing and got Merlin, who is our first white German Shepherd that we’ve shown. Merlin has been a challenge in many ways, but the rewards have been quite wonderful. He obtained his UKC championship at 11 months of age and has done quite well in several other show arenas. He has come a long way and we are so proud of him!

Infinity's Bella Reyna - Sire: WGSDCII CH Moonshadow's Peterbuilt CGC, TDI, TT (OFA) Dam: Royal Heaven's Only Sugar CGC Owner: Teresa LePoris & Paul DeWhitt. Titles: Canine Good Citizen. Bella is a very bright girl and aims to please. She loves attention and is spoiled rotten. She is extremely ball crazy, which drives all of us nuts because she never gets tired of it; she is a non stop ball fetcher. If you refuse to play, she will put her toy in your lap and paw at you or nudge you with her cold nose (great ammo on her part) and whine until you give in. If you hide the toy, she will find another toy for you to throw. The really funny thing is if you try to stop before she is ready to stop, she will just go to someone else with toy in mouth and look at them with that crooked little look we all know about and CAN'T say no to, and the throwing begins all over again. We are thinking about putting her in flyball training. Who knows, maybe you are looking at a future flyball champion!

Infinity's Maximiliano - Sire: WGSDCII CH Moonshadow's Peterbuilt CGC, TDI, TT (OFA) Dam: Royal Heaven's Only Sugar CGC O: Carmen Nieves. Titles :Canine Good Citizen. Max is a wonderful boy. Sometimes he doesn't realize just how big he is, so it's a good thing he has manners and earned his CGC at last year's National. There is a lot I could say about Max, but all I am gonna say is WIN OR LOSE, we all love Max and are proud of the way he has turned out. He is everything we hoped for, or could ever want and more in a male German Shepherd.

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