WGSDCII™ 2006 National Specialty Show
June 23-25, 2006


German Shepherd Rescue Display

Mike & Shadia / Bert & Baer

Katherine & Shadia / Randee & K.C.

Kathy Worley

Sara & Baer

Kathy, Lily & Celeste Flannery

Sonny & friend

Barb & Crew

Kathy & Lily


Scott, Joe Partch & Dianne Petrone

Kathy & Lily

Katherine & Shadia

Barb & Una

Shadia & Sara

Kathy Partch sets up ringside while Joe checks the catalog

Dianne Petrone

Bert Haagenstad & Kathy Partch (and Baer)

Terri Wagner, Kathy Partch & the
strangest white German Shepherd we've ever seen

Kathy Partch & Lily

Lily and her fan club

Deb not only likes taking pictures,
she enjoys being in them, too

Linda and Britt navigate the figure eight

BooBoo and Lily compete for Best in Vet Sweeps

Open Dog Class

BooBoo's Family

Jessica works hard in the ring...

...and gives us a rare smile

It's a first place for Kathy & Lily

A little spritz for Lily

Lily takes it easy

Look at that ole gal move!

Tom Worley catches 40 winks ringside

Lose something, Linda?

Ring lessons

Scott, Joe, Kathy & Lily

Sara moves in for a shot of the winner

Kathy & Lily had a very successful National

Tom & Buck w/Judge Grosser

Pre-Junior Isabelle Wagner

Joe Partch with camera ready

The Peanut Gallery

Joe Partch puts the finishing touches on the photo backdrop

Peek-a-Boo Kathy

Kathy & Rose
Best White Factored Class

Jessica & Isabelle Wagner hula hoop during the TDI

Smile, Dianne!

Obedience Judge Jeri Holton gives Linda and Britt instructions

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