Uncle Julio's was enjoyed by all

Nancy Swanner accepts the Hall of Fame award for Carson, a rescued white German Shepherd who is credited with saving his family

Rose Ingram & Kathy Worley accept a Championship plaque for Roann's Wild Spirit of Honeyhill

Linda Lessler accepts a Rally Level 1 plaque for Royal National Treasure of Sugarloaf N Vantasia

Tracie Karsjens accepted a Championship plaque for Eclipse's Strength of Atlas...

...and then rounded out the evening by accepting Atlas' Top Dog Award for 2008/2009. Could an owner be more proud?

Kathy Worley accepts a White Factored Championship plaque for Newhope's Chosen One

This year's Top Junior Handler

Bert Haagenstad accepts an Altered Championship plaque for Terror's Paws Inn Baer Cub

Linda Lessler accepts a Championship plaque for Sugarloaf Music of the Night

Donna Beadle accepts a Championship plaque for Eclipse's Star of the North

And last but not least, Nancy Swanner surprises Club President Rose Ingram... awarding her the Club's third Service pin

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