Linda Lessler & Nico (Pre-Novice) and Bert Haagenstad & Baer (Novice)

Heel on leash

Figure 8

Heel free

Ready for Figure 8

Um, is this a good sit or no?

Susan Holland with Brenna (Utility & Open) & Heidi (Veteran)

Brenna chooses carefully

Figure 8 off leash


Brenna, Over!

Heidi heels free

Figure 8 off leash

Hurry Heidi!


Bert Haagenstad & Katherine Swanner with Baer & Bobby

Dianne Petrone and Susan Holland with Rommel & his daughter, Brenna

Donna and Tracie and their dogs take a breather between shows

Bobby's ready to play; Kaiser's not so sure

The Lessler Family

Kaiser & his folks

Honey, you're not gonna believe what we did this weekend!!

National Raffle Table

Raffles for Rescue

Rescue Display & Guessing Games for Rescue

Even at close to 100 pounds, Baer still thinks he's a lap dog

Look what Mommy won for you -- a hedgehog!

Katherine & Bobby share a quiet moment

And the winner of Kathy Parth's painting is ... Dianne Petrone!

Tom Worley may look like he's asleep, but he's ready to spring into action on a moment's notice!

Shadow is happy to see her dad, Ernie

How does this go again?

Did I do good, Dad, did I?

Nancy Swanner with the Penny & Lobo Awards

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