WGSDCII™ 2009 Parade of Titleholders

TERROR’S PAWS INN BAER CUB. Sire: Paws Inn’s Lil Kodiak Cub, OFA x Terror’s Kaja of Paws Inn, CD, OFA. O: Nancy H. Swanner & Bert A. Haagenstad. Titles: Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dogs International, WGSDCII Altered Champion, Herding Instinct Tested. This eye-catching boy turns heads everywhere he goes, winning hearts as he proudly remains a wonderful example of his breed, his breeding and his heritage. Baer earned his CGC and TDI at the 2006 WGSDCII National in Arizona. At the 2008 National, Baer earned his WGSDCII Altered Championship and was Best in Veteran Sweepstakes. This year, Baer was herding instinct tested, and while he gave both the sheep and the testers a workout, he passed with flying colors. Baer works hard doing his part in our rescue program; his steady, sound temperament has been a valuable asset to us in evaluating and retraining rescued dogs. At 10 years of age, with sound body and mind, Baer is still the best K-9 pal you could ever hope for.

BUCKSTONE V O’ER THE RAINBOW (“Bridget”). Sire: Vantasia’s Ice Breaker, OFA x RB CH Sandhill’s Hope of Buckstone, OVC. O: Linda Lessler and Barbara Hively. Titles: Canine Good Citizen. Bridget earned her CGC at 8 months of age, and started having success in the conformation ring soon after that. She won the Puppy Sweepstakes in her very first WGSDCII National Show in 2005. At the 2006 WGSDCII National in Arizona, Bridget took Best of Breed, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Grand Victrix. Bridget has had two litters of puppies, each of which have produced some beautiful offspring that have gone on to earn some titles of their own.

ROYAL NATIONAL TREASURE OF SUGARLOAF N VANTASIA (“Nicco”). Sire: Multi CH Vantasia’s Merlin Lancelot, HIC, OFA x UKC GR CH Royal’s Timeless Treasure, HIC, OFA, PennHip. O: Linda Lessler and Barb Hively. Titles: APDT Rally Level 1, Canine Good Citizen. Nicco began his conformation career with a bang at his very first WGSDCII National weekend, taking Winner’s Dog and Best of Opposite Sex at the Oklahoma Chapter show. He then took Reserve Winner’s Dog at the National Show on Sunday. That was quite an accomplishment since he was only 6 months old. He also earned his Canine Good Citizen certification that same weekend. Nicco has been keeping very busy this past year by jumping into the rally obedience arena. He only started training for rally obedience in January of this year and earned his very first rally title at his first trial weekend in April. He earned his APDT Rally Level 1 title with three straight qualifying scores. He has since gone on to earn three additional qualifying scores toward his rally championship. Nicco will be entering his first AKC rally obedience trial this coming August and hopefully earn his Rally Novice title by the end of this year.

SUGARLOAF MUSIC OF THE NIGHT (“Ziva”). Sire: Multi CH Vantasia’s Merlin Lancelot, HIC, OFA x Buckstone V O’er The Rainbow, CGC, OFA. O: Linda and Lance Lessler. Titles: WGSDCII Champion, WGSDCA Champion, Canine Good Citizen. Ziva earned her first Championship at the WGSDCA National Shows in Allentown, PA, at the age of 6 months. It was then that we knew she had something special! Ziva earned her WGSDCII Championship at the National weekend in Tulsa, OK in 2008. That same weekend she also earned her Canine Good Citizen certification. In Ziva’s spare time she loves training for agility and hopes to enter her first trials this summer, and hopefully add another title to her name.

ROANN WILD SPIRIT V HONEYHILL OFA H/E Sire: WGSDCI/UKC CH Vantasia Xpect the Unxpected, TT,CGC,OFA x WGSDCA CH Ro-Ann's Lady Dynahmite WROM. O: Rose Ingram & Kathy Worley. Titles: WGSDCII & UKC Champion. Spirit changed homes a few times in his life and ended up at the Ingram household a few years ago. Not having any points, we started from scratch. His handsome, correct conformation allowed him to proceed quickly, not only accumulating points but earning several Best of Breeds along the way. He finished his WGSDCI Championship at the 2008 National Show weekend and finished his UKC Championship in October 2008. Spirit is very masculine and powerful but is also affectionate and personable and has a superb temperament. He can be a little hard-headed at times. Probably gets that from his mom Dynahmite who was appropriately named. He is also a very silly boy sometimes, thus he has earned the nickname "Bo-Bo" which is not too unlike his sire's nickname of Boo-Boo.

LADY VANITY VOM NORDSTERN. Sire: WGSDCII CH Moonshadow’s Peterbuilt, CD, CGC, TDI, TT, OFA x UKC CH Vantasia’s Lady Anja, CGC, OFA. O: Dianne Petrone. Titles: WGSDCII CH, UKC GCH, WGSDCA CH, CGC. Vanity has a wonderful personality. She has unbelievable energy and is very active all day long. She is very agile and has an effortless gait, that aids in “her job” of watching over the property and keeping out the squirrels. She also loves the show ring. In 2005 she earned her UKC GCH and was in the UKC top 10 German Shepherds that year. It was an honor for her to be chosen BOS, Grand Victrix, and Select 1 at the 2007 and 2008 Nationals. Her WGSDCII title was earned at the 2007 National where she was also Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and the Bobbi Lewis Memorial Winner. Thank you, Vanity, for being such a wonderful companion and for all the joy you bring to our lives.

NEWHOPE'S HEARTS AFIRE. Sire: UKC CH Peannete RoAnn’s Outlaw, CGC, OFA x Newhope’s Say No More, OFA. O: Kathy Worley. Titles: UKC Champion. Blaise is our young girl who enhjoys showing. She is fun loving and never meets a stranger. We hope she follows in her granddam Edie's pawprints and we have many years of fun with her.

VANTASIA’S LADY ANJA. Sire: Frosty’s Sampson x WGSDCII CH Xpect the Best Uv Vantasia. O: Dianne Petrone. Titles: UKC CH, CGC. Anja started her show career at age 2 months at the 1999 National here in Dallas where she was chosen Dorothy Crider Personality Puppy. In 2001 she was chosen Best in Futurity and in 2003 she had her first litter blessing us with her special daughter, Vanity, who remains her best friend. She is an UKC Champion and at the age of 10 still loves to show. She won the Penny Award in 2007 and 2008 for the oldest female shown at the National. She gives unconditional love and is always at my side. We love you Anja.

LEONBERG’S RITTER VON ROMMEL. Sire: Terror’s Silver Masterpiece, CD (OFA) x Kena Deblanche v Pine River. O: James Douglass. Titles: CD, BH, CGC, UKC CH, TT, TDI. Rommel just turned 12 years old. He has always had a wonderful temperament and the “Desire to Please.” These qualities made obedience easy for him. At the age of 2, he earned his Shutzhund BH obedience title. Two months before his 10th birthday, he received his CD title. He has not sired many puppies but his attributes have been passed on in his offspring. He is very proud of is daughter, Genesis Brenna (UDX4) and his grandkids who are here today. He still loves playing with his ball, however, his favorite pastime remains chasing the Laser light. He is a wonderful companion and we feel blessed to have him as part of our family. Rommel salutes everyone and wishes you all a great National.

ECLIPSE’S STAR OF THE NORTH (“Polar”). Sire: Eclipse’s Big Money x Eclipse’s The Way Out. O: Donna Beadle. Titles: WGSDCA BIF & SELECT CH, WGSDCII CH, UKC CH. Polar is the fourth generation of Eclipse dogs and captures the essence of our breeding program. He completed his three conformation championships at a very young age and is currently working on his UKC Grand Championship, needing only 2 more wins. Polar also is in the Top 10 for UKC GSDs and is the only white in the Top 10 at this time. Along with his conformation accomplishments, Polar is a sweet boy who is producing well.

ECLIPSE’S WILD CARD OF ATLAS. Sire: Uh Oh It’s Magic of Eclipse x Eclipse’s Bittersweet Solitude. O: Tracie Karsjens & Donna Beadle. Titles: UKC Grand Champion, WGSDCA 2x Select GV Champion, WGSDCA Best in Maturity 2007, IABCA International Jugend Champion, ARBA Junior Champion, AKC Rally Novice, Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers Rally Level 1, Canine Performance Events (CPE) Level 1 Handler Agility, CPE Level 12 Fun Agility, CPE Level 1 Regular Agility, CPE Level 2 Strategy Agility, CPE Level 2 Handler Agility, Canine Good Citizen, WGSDCA Versatile Dog Award, Clever Canine Companions Versatile Working Registry Versatile Canine Companion Excellent. Vegas is a star in conformation, rally and most recently in agility. She has a great career ahead of her.

ECLIPSE’S STRENGTH OF ATLAS. Sire: Tumbledown’s Artic Pharaoh x Peannete’s Pyramid of Echoes. O: Tracie Karsjens. Titles: UKC 7x BIS GR CH, WGSDCA 6x Select GV Champion, WGSDCA Best in Futurity 2003, WGSDCA Best in Maturity 2004, ARBA BIS Master Champion, IABCA 5x Champion, WGSDCII Grand Victor and 3x Select CH, AKC Rally Novice, Assoc. of Prof. Dog Trainers Rally Level 1, UKC Family Obedience, No. Am. Dog Agility Counsel Novice Tunneler, Clever Canine Companions Versatile Working Registry Outstanding Versatility, WGSDCA ROM, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dogs International, GSDCA Temperament Certified. Atlas is one of the most titled white GSDs ever. He excels in conformation and performance and is a wonderful family member.

MM HOLLAND'S HEIDI. Sire: Star Guard x Star Foxx. O: Susan Holland. Titles: UDX4, RAE. Heidi is now 10 years old and enjoying a well earned retirement. For a dog that was so frightened of people, she has accomplished an amazing amount. She finished her UDX4 in 2007--one of only 5 German Shepherds in the country to do so. After she developed a little arthritis, she continnued to show in Ralley, becoming known as the "Rally Queen" due to numerous perfect scores.

GENESIS BRENNA. Sire: Leonberg’s Ritter von Rommel x R-L Sophisticated Lady. O: Susan Holland . Titles: UDX4. Brenna is a great dog! Never met a stranger and really loves kids. She was No. 7 German Shepherd in the country last yaer in obedience. This yuear we are hoping to move up and qualify for the National Invitational Show. Brenna is everything I could have wished for. Thanks to Rose Ingram for breeding Bronte one last time.

MOONSHADOW'S GARDEN OF EDEN. Sire: WGSDCII CH Vantasia Xpect the Unxpected, CGC, TT, OFA x WGSDCII CH Moonshadow Sunset Serenade, CGC, OFA. O: Tom & Kathy Worley. Titles: WGSDCII Champion, UKC Champion, Canine Good Citizen, Temperament Tested. Edis was borm August of 1998. She finished her WGSDCII championship at 2. She was our first show dog and first champion. She has always been the champion of our hearts from the day she first picked us. Edie has been retired for several years; she will be 11 years old in August. It is a real joy to see her back in the ring competing again!!

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