High Scoring Dog - Regular Class & High Combined
GENESIS BRENNA, UDX4 with Owner Susan Holland

PreNovice 1st Place Nicco (with Linda Lessler at right) and 2nd Place Kaiser (with Horst Bungarz at left)

Kaiser & Horst do the Figure 8

This is fun, Dad!

Article Retrieval

Broad Jump Brenna

No points lost here...

Stand for Exam

Atlas shows he's not just another pretty face

Good boy!

Ring Steward Jessica Wagner

Recall on lead

Nicco performs the Figure 8 with perfection

PreNovice Long Sit

Exercise Finished
PreNovice Long Down

Novice Long Down


National Raffle Table

Katherine & Bobby


Donna, Dianne, Tracie & Kathy pow-wow over pizza

Handsome boy

Spirit & Bobby

Shadow naps as Susan, Jessica, Rose and the Bungarzs enjoy their pizza

I've got a monkey!!

Mom, it's me! Don't you remember me?

Is this meeting over yet?

A show chairman's work is never done

Kaiser & Beverly Jane

Rose has a winner on her hands

Kathy and Dianne with Vanity

Kaiser & Horst take a well deserved break

15 to 18 month puppy to the ring please

Horst takes take of an "oops"

Bert, Katherine (hidden) & Nancy enjoy the pizza

Ringside was very busy

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