Tracie Karsjens explains Rally Obedience

Rebecca and Roscoe are game to try the Spiral Left

Kitty and Gypsy try weaving

Brinkley's ready to go as long as treats are involved

Halle stops to check the sign to make sure she and
Joy are doing it right...or is that left?

It's never too early to start

Nikko's not quite sure this is something he wants to get involved in

Jenni and Echo out on the course



Donna Beadle was the ring steward for most of the shows

Busy Rose

Our traditional Dianne taking a picture of Nancy, and ...

Nancy taking a picture of Dianne ... but where's Nancy?

Crystal had a busy weekend

A meeting of the Fuzzy Dog Club

Jenni shows a pretty girl, Angel

Puppy Nala and her family came to watch on Saturday

Nancy Swanner, JoyceAnn Matejcek and Rose Ingram
The Club's Service Pin Holders

Service Dog, Kai, enjoyed the down time

Shawn McGee & Pat Malinowski (Kitty Mohs at rear)

Puppy Love

Jenni & her rescue dog

Afternoon pow-wow

JoyceAnn tries her hand at the rescue guessing game

Whattaya mean I can't buy a raffle ticket?

Kitty's booth was a very popular place

K.C. wants a what color leash?

Even Bert couldn't resist the guessing game

Donna, Debbie & Tracie

Club President Rose Ingram has a momentary meltdown

Nancy Swanner, JoyceAnn Matejcek and Bert Haagenstad ~ Nancy & Bert drove all the way from Arizona to attend

JoyceAnn & Don Malinowski



Rose takes the kids out for one more potty break before heading back to Texas


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