Owner: Pat Malinowski
Sire: Kerstone Regalwise Rolls-Royce
Dam: Regalwise Karissa

Titles: UKC Champion, CGC

K.C. is an active, fun dog. He is the smartest dog we have has. His eye contact is almost human. He hasn’t found a person he doesn’t like or an activity he won’t do. Eating is not a bit thing with him becayse he has to stand still to eat. I hope he stays healthy and fit and lives a long time.


Owner: John Taylor and Shawn McGee
Sire: Starr Hallmark Hemi Supercharger
Dam: Buckstone V O’er The Rainbow

Titles: UKC Champion, CGC

Mandy is aloof but friendly when she gets to know you, protective of house and car, friendly with other dogs and loves to run in her backyard. She likes to be the center of attention and loves her toys. It would be empty in our house without Mandy.


Owner: Jenni and Rod Muehlbauer
Sire: Eclipse's Strength of Atlas
Dam: Jetta XXVII

Titles: WGSDCII Altered Champion, WGSDCA Altered Champion, UKC Altered Champion, CGC

Echo is just about 8 years old. She enjoy playing chuck-it, swimming and running with me or the 4 wheeler. Echo means the worls to me. She’s a wonderful girl.


Owner: Tracie Karsjens and Donna Beadle
Sire: Eclipse’s Strength of Atlas
Dam: Eclipse’s Wild Card of Atlas

Titles: UKC Champion, UKC Grand Champion, WGSDCII Champion, UKC Rally 1 Title, AKC Rally Novice Title, WCRL Rally 1 Title

Luxor is a young boy who has already found success in conformation and performance. He loves to compete in rally and has three titles but has recently started agility classes and found a new love there. He earned 7 Total Dog Awards from UKC – for winning in conformation and qualifying in performance – before he was 18 months old. He has a very bright future in front of him. ECLIPSE’S DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE

Owner: Dawn Fisher and Tracie Karsjens
Sire: Eclipse’s Strength of Atlas
Dam: Eclipse’s Wild Card of Atlas

Titles: UKC Champion, UKC Rally 1 Title

Bentley is a very special girl who had a hard start in life but finally found her forever home with Dawn and family last Thanskgiving. Since then she has made huge strides in enjoying life as well as found success in the conformation ring and the performance ring. She and Dawn have an exciting adventure in front of them as they continue their success.


Owner: Tracie Karsjens
Sire: Tumbeldown’s Artic Pharaoh
Dam: Peannete’s Pyramid of Echoes

Titles: Atlas has over 100 titles, awards and certificates. Some highlights include: 11 championships in 5 clubs, 5 rally titles, a dog sport title, three agility titles and much more.

At 11 years old, Atlas had enjoyed a long career with success in just about everything he has done. He has made his mark in conformation by being in the top ten for UKC German Shepherds (all colors) for 10 straight years and earning 16 Best in Shows along the way. He’s also been a great performance dog and an ambassador for the white GSD. In semi-retirement, he is still very happy to get out and play and most recently started competing in ASCA rally and in the veterans classes in UKC. There are not words to describe the impact Atlas has had on the white GSD and in the hearts of his owners.

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